Colleging By CURevl

Who We Are

Colleging is a passion project by the folks at CURevl, a credit union service organization specializing in providing education finance-related services.

CURevl works closely with financial aid offices, federal agencies, loan services, lenders and loan processing centers in their quest for finance solutions. Dedicating our careers to education finance, we have helped hundreds of thousands of students and their families access the money needed to pay for college.

In addition to providing access to financing solutions, we’re passionate about equipping students and their families with information and tools that help them make the best decisions in the pursuit of higher education. We trust taking the time to get “colleging” right will make “adulting” MUCH easier.

A Note From Our COO

About 5 years ago I went to my niece’s high school graduation party. I walked in the door to find everyone dressed up in Oregon State Beaver orange (my niece even had a beaver hat on)….needless to say, I was caught off guard. As I loaded up my plate with the traditional family fixings, I commented to my sister that I had no idea my niece had gotten into Oregon and how excited I was for her. My sister responded, “Yes, we were very proud that she was accepted, and we were hoping we could come to your house tomorrow and get some help figuring out how to pay for it.” My chin dropped and it was not just so I could stuff my face with the tasty homemade guac. I went home and began researching the cost of out-of-state tuition (we live in AZ) in Oregon.

Fast forward 24 hours, my sister and beloved niece (always lovingly referred to as “bug” due to her childhood love of bugs) showed up and sat down at our kitchen table. Within 45 minutes, there were tears of anger and frustration with my sister and niece walking in opposite directions, figuratively and literally. There had been no planning, no saving, no scholarship searching and sadly ZERO talking - both sides assumed the other side was taking care of everything.

My heart broke for them as I quickly looked in the mirror to scold myself. I have been in the higher education industry for 20 years and have done NOTHING to help my own family. At that moment, I vowed to be a part of building something that would provide a roadmap to help families work together to make informed and wise choices related to one of the most important decisions a young adult can make.

I am proud and appreciative CURevl shares in this passion and am eternally grateful to our dearly departed friend and colleague Paul Rehnberg who helped us refine the message we are trying to convey.

Oh yeah, before I forget, if you want to hear if my niece ended up an Oregon State Beaver, drop me an email.

— Tim  Kulesha

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