Paying for College

Financial Aid Calculator

Understand your potential financial aid eligibility and estimate your family’s Expected Family Contribution or EFC.

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Free Scholarship Search

There are 1,000s of opportunities for you to get your hands on FREE money for college. Browse the list of available scholarships and grants.

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Premium Scholarship Search

Sign up for the tool that more than 20K customers worldwide trust - Imagine Scholarships. Customers have access to an extensive selection of scholarship and internship opportunities along with personalized support that makes paying for school much easier! Use code “colleging” on the signup page to claim your special discount.


Student Loan Repayment Calculator

Get insight into the smartest and fastest ways you can pay for student debt.

Consider Loan Affordability

Estimate Monthly Loan Payments

See How Paying Interest While in School Saves You Money

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Textbook Search & Sell

Find cheap textbooks and take advantage of selling the textbooks you no longer need for cash!

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Find a Lender

Borrowing a loan through a credit union has its perks. Find a credit union close to you and see all of the benefits they can offer.

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Apply for Financial Aid

The first step in financial aid after considering scholarships. Apply for federal aid, and federal and state grants here.

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