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Colleging offers full-service lending solutions so that your members can achieve their financial and educational goals.

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Why Education Finance?

Why Should Education Finance be Important to Your Credit Union?

Education lending is an asset class that provides a multitude of benefits for credit unions and their members. With Colleging, you have the means to educate your community, and say yes to current member requests and welcome new member prospects.

Become the Go-To for the Next Gen

Create a brand presence on college campuses attracting an entirely new generation of members while supporting your community.

Deepen Existing Member Relationships

Helping students and their families through this life stage can be the foundation for building lasting relationships. Keep the business with your credit union and increase wallet share with your members.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Risk

Proven underwriting and servicing provide a consistently low risk, high yielding asset. We understand asset ratio compressions and we are willing to work with you to determine your specific liquidity needs including forward purchase agreements, spot loan sales, and participation arrangements.

Diversify with Confidence

Education finance can round out your portfolio. With decades of education lending experience, we can maximize your program’s chance for success and mitigate potential risks.

Count on us to get the job done

We are committed to your success and the success of your members. Our team has decades of experience providing superior loan servicing and member care.

Borrower Acquisition

School sales and marketing support help you attract new members and support higher education in your community.

Member Care

Dedicated team who understands members aren’t simply customers take phone calls to minimize impact to your staff.

Loan Origination

Web and mobile enabled application intake, underwriting, document collection, disclosures, school certification and disbursement.

Loan Servicing

Billing, payment processing, dedicated servicing contact for your members provides personalized service and improves portfolio performance.


Comprehensive quarterly and year-to-date portfolio performance as well as monthly competitive analysis to ensure your product is always competitive in the market.

Risk Mitigation

Market condition monitoring including asset valuation based on current underwriting trends. Early intervention default prevention strategies maintain an optimally performing portfolio

Launching a top-of-the-class education loan finance solution has never been easier.

School Tuition Loans

Offer members peace of mind once the acceptance letter arrives. Undergraduate and graduate loans with fixed or variable interest rates and multiple repayment options give families the flexibility to find the right product for their situation.

Medical & Professional Loans

Create a specialty program to serve your community. If your membership includes medical, law, dentistry, nursing or other students, we can help your credit union create an education loan finance program specific to your members’ needs.

Line of Credit

Students have flexibility and easy access to funds while they’re in school. They can use any or all of the credit line funds certified by their school over the course of their education. Create peace of mind for your members knowing they don't need to reapply each year.

Education Refinance Loan

Members can combine undergraduate and graduate school loans – both federal and private – into a single, low-rate loan with one convenient monthly payment. Members can choose the repayment plan that works for their financial situation.

Parent Loan

Our parent loan is a great, low-cost fixed rate loan option for parents, family members or other creditworthy individuals that wish to help pay for a student’s college costs.

Grow Your Members and Community

By helping map out a college journey and offering education financing, your credit union can attract new members while making higher education more accessible for your community.

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