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Last updated: June 1, 2021

Credit Union Resources | CURevl

Credit Union Resources

Financial literacy is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing credit union resource method of approaching participants as they are and discussing timely and appropriate topics. Educating and encouraging your credit union resource staff to educate your stakeholders about the value of financial knowledge and the credit union resource services offered by the credit union makes for more active interaction and, with time, stronger member relationships. This knowledge would help them both socially and emotionally. According to sources, a huge percentage of HR departments are incorporating income protection services into their 'physical' credit union resources wellness programs this year.

Financial Literacy Amongst Employees

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. CURevl's solution to financial education is to merge credit union resources awareness with intervention, and no activity is more effective than establishing a credit union account for the youthful. When paired with financial education, getting ties to a bank or credit union branch significantly influenced students' perceptions of how convenient it is to save money and their confidence that credit union resources provide programs that are beneficial to them. By introducing additional member contact points and expanding the credit union resources partnership to the next generation, providing entry-level accounts and financial education concurrently will improve the educational and company return on your credit union resource investment in education. 

Active Member Interaction

Many financial institutions are moving to a "human-centered design" philosophy on their websites. The sites are redesigned putting a user's need first, instead of having the site trumpet the financial institution's benefits. So, consider organizing and promoting credit union resources that align with human needs. For example, when it is tax season, you should promote education about taxes and what to do with tax refunds; when it is back-to-school season, you should provide information about paying for college in the future. Heavily promote these helpful timely topics, and parents and children will use them. In need of more information Call Us Today!

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